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Rats! It's true

It’s now been confirmed that a rodent, found in the southeast neighbourhood of New Brighton late last week, is indeed a rat.

Animal and Bylaw Services says the vermin is a roof rat which was found, after being baited by a home owner, in a garage in the southeast neighbourhood.

The good news is Animal and Bylaw Services Operations Manager Doug Frizzell feels the creepy find is an isolated incident, noting his people haven’t seen any evidence of any more rats in the immediate vicinity. He says the rat could have hopped a ride to the area on a vehicle or it might have been someone’s pet.

Provincial Rat and Pest Specialist Phil Merrill will visit the neighbourhood Monday to  confirm the initial findings of Animal and Bylaw Services.

The southeast home is close to a landfill. Despite Alberta’s rat-free status, last year 150 of the rodents were found at a Medicine Hat area landfill.

Coincidentally, Animal and Bylaw Services in Calgary last year had about 500 calls about the rodents.  But of those calls, only seven turned out to involve rats.