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Former Calgary 'knees together' judge reinstated to Law Society of Alberta

Last Updated May 23, 2018 at 3:56 pm MDT

(Photo by Chelsey Harms/660 NEWS)

The Law Society of Alberta has reinstated former Calgary judge Robin Camp, who infamously asked a sex assault complainant why she couldn’t just “keep your knees together” during a 2014 trial.

The comments sparked outrage and eventually led to Camp resigning from the bench last March, after a Canadian Judicial Council recommended he be removed.

In a statement, the society said after reviewing evidence and Camp’s application, a committee of two lawyers and one member of the public decided to reinstate him.

“The Committee emphasized that it ‘…does not condone Mr. Camp’s conduct in the Wagar trial or that carried through to his written decision–far from it,'” the statement said. “The Committee also does not condone conduct among lawyers which demonstrates–or perpetuates–inequality or gender bias or treats marginalized or vulnerable members of society with disrespect.”

“The Committee held that Mr. Camp’s reinstatement ‘would not only be compatible with the best interests of the public, but better serve those interests, taking into account the importance of rehabilitation both to our system of justice and to society’s fundamental values.”

Although Camp can practice law again, former judges can’t appear in court without first getting permission from the society, which Camp has not yet requested.

The accused in the 2014 case, Alexander Wager, was found not guilty, and then not guilty again in a re-trial.

Camp later apologized for his comments and underwent training and counselling.

To read the society’s statement, click here.