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Calgary rally held in support of anti-government protests in Nicaragua

Calgary Rally for Nicaragua April 22, 2018 (Derek-City)

Calgarians took part in a rally outside of City Hall Sunday in solidarity with friends and family members whose lives are at risk in Central America.

Demonstrators gathered in the downtown core Sunday afternoon while others in Nicaragua took to the streets on the fifth day of anti-government protests.

Organizer Ellery Quintana, tells City dozens of people have been killed.

“I live in Nicaragua for ten years it’s a beautiful country it’s been safe and now it’s under a dictatorship again, the president has re-elected himself unconstitutionally several times and has gone to the streets and has ordered the police and the army of the country to kill our students and to kill our people.”

Quintana said this event shows support for those from all walks of life.

“It gives a lot of moral support to the people, there is a lot of people not only that have been dead but that have been injured I have personal friends, university friends, doctors, architects, engineers we’re talking about professionals not just thugs from the streets these people are being hurt and oppressed by police and the government.”

The Red Cross reports seven deaths, while other human rights groups stated it’s up to 25.

President Daniel Ortega said Sunday the government is withdrawing changes to the social security system that had triggered the protests.