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Canada ranks 10th for air and water quality

Last Updated Apr 19, 2018 at 7:29 am MDT

Canada’s environmental record is something to be proud of.

That is the finding of a new report from the Fraser Institute, which looked at air and water quality, along with environmental protection measures of 33 countries in The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. Canada ranked 10.

Report Author Kenneth Green said the Fraser study is different than those done by groups like The David Suzuki Foundation.

“They use metrics that are not really meaningful like per capita consumption of goods and services, things like that, which you don’t really care about how much people are consuming, you care about how much environmental damage is done as a result of the consumption,” he said.

Green noted it’s tough to get much better in Canada, because the land mass is so big, and a lot of energy is used, especially because of the cold-weather climate.

“Very few people are exposed to high levels of ambient air pollution,” he added. “Our waterways are mostly clean; our forests are protected and harvested sustainability; same for our water usage, which has declined over time.”