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Jason Kenney: "18 months and no shovels in the ground" for Trans Mountain pipeline

Last Updated Apr 15, 2018 at 5:02 pm MDT

Jason Kenney speaks in front of the McDougall Centre in Calgary, February 23, 2018. (Ian Campbell - 660NEWS)

The leader of Alberta’s official opposition shared his thoughts about the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion from the Alberta Legislature in Edmonton Sunday.

“This Prime Minister could not be less serious about this vital issue,” said Leader of the United Conservative Party Jason Kenney. “We only find ourselves here [on Sunday] because of his demonstrable hostility to Canada’s energy industry his cancellation of the Northern Gateway pipeline, his killing of the Energy East pipeline by changing the regulatory rules mid-stream, his surrender to Barack Obama’s Veto of Keystone XL and his two years of inaction on the Trans Mountain Pipeline.”

Kenney said this inaction simply shows the total failure of the Liberal NDP strategy to defend Canada’s energy industry.

“The Trans Mountain pipeline expansion was approved by the National Energy Board in May of 2016 and the Federal Cabinet in November of that year…18 months and no shovels in the ground,” he said, adding that due to lack of progress “we need to see a change of government at both the federal and provincial level next year.”

Kenney said in recent days the federal government has said everything’s on the table to ensure construction, yet we aren’t getting closer to getting this critical project built.

“Except they’ve taken off the table use of the Constitutional Declaratory Power to bring legal certainty, they’ve taken off the power a…federal government court reference to the Supreme Court of Canada to steal the march on John Horgan’s legal delay tactics in British Columbia and they’ve taken off the table the most obvious leverage the feds have, which is the power of the purse,” he said.

“Two weeks ago signing a $4.3 billion infrastructure agreement with the Horgan NDP and now negotiating the $1.3 billion jobs training transfer to the same government in… Victoria that is violating our Constitution, undermining the Rule of Law, attacking free trade within Canada, and undermining our country’s vital economic interests and yet all of those things have been taken off the table.”

Kenney said the projects future looks bleak, but he is still hopeful that common sense will prevail.

“We do not want to kick the can down the road, for example, until we have another $2 billion in the project,” he said.