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Man arrested after rural chase involving snowmobiles

A man who had 29 outstanding warrants against him has been arrested in southern Alberta, after a police chase in which an officer was nearly run over and a dog was taken on a snowmobile joyride.

Just after 5 a.m. Wednesday morning, a homeowner near Vulcan reported his snowmobile was stolen and it had been spotted being towed behind a trailer heading towards Highway 529.

The truck was pulled over just after 6 a.m., but the driver fought the officer before managing to get back in the vehicle and drive off, nearly running over the Mountie in the process.

Officers from multiple detachments got involved in the pursuit, along with the Calgary Police’s HAWCS helicopter.

After getting stuck in the snow, the driver got out and tried to flee on the snowmobile with a dog he grabbed from the truck.

He was eventually tracked down and arrested after he hit a tree.

The dog was unharmed while the suspect suffered injuries.

He’s now facing 18 charges in relation to this incident.

After an investigation, police determined the truck and trailer were also stolen.