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Thousands of Calgarians join international Women's March

Photo Credit 660 News Reporter Kass Patterson
Thousands marched through the downtown core Saturday in support of women.
Young and old joined the millions attending rallies around the world.
The demonstrations started last year, on the day of United States President Donald Trump’s inauguration.
One year later, rallies are marching on, fighting for change and equality.

Women’s March Calgary spokesperson Anila Lee Yuen is a feminist, a Muslim and a woman of colour. She says it’s important for everyone to come out, show their support and be a catalyst for change.
“We realized that although we may have certain privileges that other countries may not have, there’s still not gender parity,” said Lee Yuen. “I think it’s very important for us to continue to march every year until all the disparity amongst men versus women is gone.”
Asha Nathoo, 14, performed at Saturday’s event, which made it’s way from Stephen Avenue to City Hall. After attending the event last year, she was inspired.
“As a young girl of a minority it was so inspiring to me and so I started to write some slam poetry last year and so this is something that I thought would be great,” said Nathoo. “I think over the last couple years we’ve just seen so much hatred in the world and I love that today there’s so many people coming together for one common cause and just coming together for humanity.”