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Calgary small business owner says 'stop moaning' about minimum wage


The owner of a Calgary coffee bar is slamming corporations for “moaning” about minimum wage hikes.

A post on the Facebook page for Gravity Espresso and Wine Bar in Inglewood says the shop supports the increases, and the changes make up “a small drop in the ocean.”

It also says the business will “make it work.”

Sick of hearing about large corporations moaning about the minimum wage increases across the country and the change of…

Posted by Gravity Espresso and Wine Bar on Friday, January 12, 2018

Andy Fennell said he’s usually not very vocal, but he was sick of finger pointing and blame.

“I’m definitely not an activist, but you know, I just got a little bit fed up with all the negativity surrounding — especially the Tim Hortons saga in Ontario. From owning a small business, I sort of know the economics of running a business like this and it didn’t jive to well for me,” he said.

“Businesses going out of business purely ’cause of government legislation also doesn’t sit well with me. There’s more to it than that.”

He admits, recent changes to statutory holiday pay do sting a bit.

“In my opinion, the stat holiday guidelines were really fair on employees last year, and this new legislation adds a hell of a lot of extra expense,” he said.

“I’m not totally in favour of it, but you know what, I mean, you lobby, you vote, you get on with it and you find a way to make it work.”

And he said, he won’t let it hurt his staff. But, that doesn’t mean he’s letting the province off the hook when it comes to stimulating the economy.

“There’s been a lot of talk and not a lot of action,” Fennell said.

“I don’t think the government, in any level or shape, has really done a great deal to help us. If we want to diversify, this was the time to do it, and we’re probably going to forget that again, and move ahead with oil and gas, and we’ve had the opportunity and we haven’t took it.”