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Calgary nudists get invited to naked swim event in Edmonton

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A nudist group in Edmonton extended an invitation to Calgarians to join its naked swim event.

Calgary was supposed to have its own event on Sunday at the Southland Leisure Centre but following an uproar from the public and a petition to stop it, the City of Calgary decided to cancel it citing saftey and security concerns.

Kevin Bolt with the Cottontail Corner in Edmonton said it’s a shame there was so much backlash.

“Social media can certainly be manipulated and abused to get a very vocal minority a whole lot of spotlight, I think that happened in this situation.” Bolt said. “As to why it all blew up to be something so big this time is kind of beyond me.”

He said, Saturday’s event is one of four nude swims that the organization puts on throughout the winter season.

“We have been doing swims in Edmonton in one form or another for more then 30 years and I found out today (Saturday) that their is a group in Calgary that has been doing them for more then 20 years,” Bolt said adding that no one is quite sure what happened that led to the chaos and controversies surrounding the event.” Bolt said.

As for the people who attend them, Bolt said they come from all walks of life.

“We had a lady last year who was in her late 90’s who realized that she had never skinny dipped in her entire life, so her and her husband started coming out. He was somewhat younger then she was so they decided to experience skinny dipping with a group of people and so they started coming out to our events.”

The event took place at the Hardisty Fitness and Leisure Centre in Edmonton.