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AMA receiving high volume of calls during cold snap in Calgary

Calgarians stuck on the side of the road could be waiting a long time for help.

The Alberta Motor Association said some people were waiting up to 12 hours for a tow and 8 hours for a service call on Friday.

Manager of Technical Services Randy Loyk is reminding people to plug in their vehicles when the temperature hits below -15, check your battery and change over your oil to a synthetic brand because that will allow the engine to turn over much quicker.

Loyk adds by now drivers should be better prepared for old man winter.

“We do see the call volumes go down a little bit when we see or experience the next cold snap, so if you did have problems during this recent cold snap strongly suggest get your vehicle in get those three things taken care of and you’ll be ready for the next one.”

He said the system also gets bogged down with people leaving their keys in their vehicle and sometimes employees have to rush over in an emergency situation like when a baby is accidentally locked inside.

Loyk adds those waiting for a tow can try another company and AMA will reimburse them but he said that’s highly unlikely because everyone is overloaded with the volume of calls.