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'Porch pirates' accepted reality for online shoppers


Everyone is still enjoying their shinny new toys and gadgets delivered over the holidays.

But for some they never came, or were stolen, as companies dropped the item off whether someone was there or not.

Companies like Amazon and Walmart do it to save money on storage and delivery, however ‘Porch Piracy’ is becoming a big issue.

Haskayne School of Business Instructor Catherine Heggerud said we agree to the risk when we sign up for the service, but it doesn’t mean consumer have waived their right to compensation if something goes missing or gets stolen.

“There are mechanisms to file a claim and have a parcel re-delivered,” she explained. “If it was stolen, it goes through an insurance claim process.”

It’s in the company’s best interest to get the parcel to you from a public relations standpoint as well and again, remains a cheaper option than have warehouse space and set delivery times.

Still, they are considering solutions.

“The first thing that Amazon floated before Christmas was this concept of, well we’ll have this key to your house and we’ll put it inside, or Walmart – same thing – oh, you’re having your groceries delivered let us put your frozen things in your freezer while you’re not home,” said Heggerud.

It doesn’t appear people are ready to do that yet because of privacy concerns but lock boxes could make a return, similar to the days of the milkman.