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Despite apology, Hehr doesn't give straight answer on his comments

(Lucas Meyer - 660 NEWS)

Back in Calgary after a whirlwind of criticism in Ottawa, questions about Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities Kent Hehr’s conduct haven’t ended.

On Friday, Hehr joined members of the Alberta government for a funding announcement regarding the province’s energy efficiency programs.

But he was also asked about the heat he’s faced in recent weeks, regarding supposed past comments.

He was asked repeatedly if he thinks he has been brash and insensitive, not simply coming off that way.

“At times I can work on my approach, okay, at times I can work on my approach,” he said. “I know a great many people who have appreciated my approach and yet, I have to understand when my approach is not working.”

Earlier this month in the House of Commons, he did apologize for past conduct, but he has also denied some of the alleged comments made against him while saying others were misinterpreted.

“I’m using this occasion to think about this and work on bettering my approach, bettering my interactions with all stakeholders,” he said Friday.

Among the stories that have come to light, the former Minister of Veterans Affairs has been accused of telling a thalidomide survivor group that everyone has a sob story and their shortened lifespans would be good for government.

As well, a Nova Scotia woman whose husband suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder said Hehr told her when she was lobbying for financial benefits for military spouses that not every kid gets a free education, so why should hers?

She also claimed he said the man was her responsibility because “you married him,” which is one of the statements he denies.

As for calls for him to resign, Hehr said he’ll continue to work as hard as he can.

“I am serving alongside my colleagues and continue to be the best I can be as both a cabinet minister, as well as a local MP,” he said.