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8-year-old boy raises $760 for homeless

Last Updated Dec 11, 2017 at 5:07 am MDT

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Many people pass by homeless people on the street, not giving them the time of day, but a little boy in Calgary is sad whenever he sees the city’s less fortunate.

“I saw people on the street, I really wanted to help,” said eight-year-old Dexter.

Dexter’s mom, Lora Ronak said she wanted to find a way for her son to help everyone he wanted to, but in a safer manner..

“We came up with the Inn From The Cold and saw this sponsorship program online where you can sponsor holiday dinner, or breakfast,” said Ronak, adding that when they decided to sponsor a meal, they were given the option of how much money they wanted to spend.

That amount was up to Dexter, and Ronak said he chose the most expensive holiday dinner, so in August he started raising money.

“He started with collecting our bottles at home and returning them and collecting money,” said Ronak.

When people heard about her son, Ronak said they were touched and they wanted to help however they could.

“People were cleaning out their change bins in their cars and kind of just giving him anything that they could to help him raise his money,” said Ronak.

On Saturday, Dexter dropped off $760 at Inn From The Cold. Dexter said his next project is throwing a birthday party for less fortunate kids.