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Vandals target Calgary taxi cabs

(The Checker Group)

Calgary police are investigating a rash of vandalism across the city’s northeast, in which 50 cars were targeted — most of them cabs.

Over the past few days, 26 Checker Cab vehicles had their side windows smashed, as they sat parked at homes belonging to drivers.

Associated Cabs had to take 20 cars off the road for the same reason.

Checker President Kurt Enders called it unfortunate as drivers are on the hook for the repair bills, and losing time on the road while the windows are fixed.

“With the economy as slow as it is, and the drivers are struggling, to add this extra burden on top of them, yeah, it just comes at a bad time, when you consider the season we’re going into. It’s supposed to be a joyous time,” he said.

Enders said this is believed to be the work of one suspect.

CCTV footage has been provided to Calgary police.