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Specialist wait times increasing in Alberta

(Stock photo: Pixabay.com)

A new Fraser Institute study shows Albertans are waiting the longest they ever have for medical treatments.

On average, patients wait 26.5 weeks to receive treatment after a GP referral, up more than three and a half weeks from 2016, and more than double what it was back in 1993.

One of the reasons Alberta is above the national average is, it’s taking longer to get certain tests done.

For instance, CT scans are taking six weeks to get booked this year, 14 days longer than in 2016, while the wait for an MRI has jumped to 16 weeks from 12.

The shortest average wait times across the country are found in Ontario at just over 20 weeks, with the longest in New Brunswick, a whopping 41.7 weeks.

The study looked at wait times incurred by patients in 12 medical specialties across 10 provinces, with the shortest wait times in oncology, and the longest in orthopaedic surgery.