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Move out delayed for Kensington Manor residents

Last Updated Dec 6, 2017 at 11:14 am MDT

(Jonathan Muma, 660 NEWS)

Frustration is growing for residents of the Kensington Manor apartment building, deemed unsafe to live in a couple weeks ago.

Some tenants were supposed to be allowed back in to retrieve belongings at 6 a.m. Wednesday, but hours later, they were still waiting outside.

City of Calgary engineers made the call to evacuate the building after an inspection showed major structural flaws.

Communication continues to be an issue for residents.

There was already confusion about how much time each tenant would have to pack, and use the elevator.

“In the e-mail, I was told I would have from 6 to 8 to pack, 8 to 9:30 to use the elevator, and I’d have to leave the building by 11:30,” one woman said.

“I’ve spoken to my landlord, Larry, (and) he says that I have six hours to pack — I’m not sure if it’s six hours to pack, two hours to use the elevator, or four hours to pack, two hours to use the elevator.”

Others say the situation could be worse.

Kevin told 660 NEWS, management has already helped him find another place to live.

“We lived here for a couple months and we had no issues. They did the absolute best they could, given the circumstances to get everybody in the know, as quickly and easily as possible,” he said.

The original expectation was residents would be all moved out by December 13.