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Man charged after dog spotted tethered to flatbed trailer

Last Updated Nov 14, 2017 at 1:51 pm MDT

Calgary Humane Society

A Rocky View County man has been charged after a photo of a dog tethered to flatbed trailer was posted on social media.

The trailer was allegedly being hauled through Calgary.

“Transporting dogs in the beds of trucks can be incredibly dangerous to the dog, between exposure to extreme weather and the risk of falling,” said Brad Nichols, Animal Cruelty Investigations, in a statement. “This offense is aggravated by the manner in which this dog was being transported, on a flatbed with no side rails to keep him on the trailer.”

Volodymyr Irodenko, 41, has been charged under municipal, provincial and federal legislation with causing an animal to be in distress and transporting an animal outside the cab of a vehicle. He faces $20,000 dollars in penalties for the Animal Protection Act infractions and more fines and possible jail time for a Criminal Code offence.

The photo of the dog tied to the trailer surfaced on October 28 and the Calgary Police Service received several calls from witnesses who spotted a truck hauling the trailer down Stoney Trail.

Acting Sgt. Dennis Smithson described the suspect was “not very cooperative.”

“He did turn himself in and that was about as far as it went. Short of that, he wouldn’t provide us with any information,” said Smithson.

Irodenko is scheduled to make his first court appearance next month. The dog, which is estimated to be about a year old, will stay with the Calgary Humane Society while his owner was ordered not to possess any pets. The staff has been calling him George and describe him as a gentle giant who may be up for adoption if his owner is convicted.