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#ShareYourSilence campaign forces social media to reflect on Remembrance Day


These days, we are always connected to social media, and a Vancouver company wants to make sure it won’t get in the way of Remembrance Day.

Camp Pacific is asking for permission to post a long blank white image on Canadians’ Facebook and Twitter accounts on November 11 at 11 a.m.

Greg Kieltyka came up with the #ShareYourSilence campaign three years ago, after he scrolled through his feeds and realized, guiltily, he had missed the moment of silence.

“A lot has changed in the way that we communicate, so we thought a way of modernizing the moment of silence for 2017 would be to bring that on to social channels,” he said.

Kieltyka says the campaign is not really for the people who are participating, but instead for those who aren’t.

“By getting people to share a long white image, optimized to take up as much space on social feeds as possible, we’re intercepting people who aren’t aware of Remembrance Day and forcing them to take a moment to honour our fallen and to reflect on the sacrifices that they’ve made,” he said.

He says the more people that get involved, the more impact it will have.

To participate, click here.