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Mainstreet Research admits election polling was "awful"

(Reporter Crystal Laderas)

Polling firm Mainstreet Research is vowing to get to the bottom of why its numbers were so wrong.

“No one got it right. In a word, the polling in Calgary was awful. Ours worst of all. We were the worst,” President Quitto Maggi said Tuesday morning.

The pollsters were calling for a 13-point victory for Bill Smith in Monday’s election, but Naheed Nenshi won by about seven points.

“We have started to look at that, and we’ll continue to look at that and you know, my staff are all awake because they are just pouring through the data as we speak and they will continue to do so until we figure this out,” Maggi said.

Maggi also said accusations that Mainstreet was trying to help Smith’s campaign with its polling releases are absolutely not true.

“I wish I knew who started that rumour because that person would find themselves in court pretty quickly,” he said.