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Police looking for man who impersonated an officer

Calgary police are trying to find a man who tried to pass himself off as one of their own.

Around 3 p.m. on Tuesday, a man was driving southbound on 69th Street S.W. towards Glenmore Trail when he was stopped by a white Honda Civic with red and blue lights attached.

The Civic’s driver got out, identified himself as a special forces officer, and alleged the man was speeding.

He said the man could go to jail, pay a fine, or pay the fine with a discount if he did so immediately.

But he refused to pay and asked for the cop’s badge number, at which point the fake cop went back to his car and fled.

The suspect is described as black, in his 30s, around six feet tall, bald, with a muscular build and tattoos. He was wearing a t-shirt with ‘Canadian Special Forces’ in red lettering, plus had a knife and baton on his belt.

Anyone with information should contact police immediately.