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Gas prices expected to spike in Alberta


Get to the gas pump if the tank is running low.

Parts of Western Canada, including Calgary and Edmonton are expected to see a spike in the price of fuel on Tuesday.

It could go up anywhere from seven to 15 cents a litre.

Dan McTeague with says it’s the result of a six cent wholesale price increase.

“That’s leading to upward pressure on the price of gasoline,” he said. “If the retailers move to restore their traditional margins which are about 10 to 12 cents a litre, it means that we could be paying about 105.9.”

Production continues to be adequate but the warmer weather has meant more people using gas and slightly lower supply, especially in the U.S. Midwest.

“You’ll see those prices trend down two or three cents a litre into the weekend, so that will likely put prices way back to probably the 97 to 99 range,” said McTeague.

But it likely won’t go down much before Thanksgiving as the demand stays high.