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store-icon-660 660News is Calgary’s only all-news radio service providing immediate and essential information.The new 660News app packs in content – including live audio and video — with a fresh look-and-feel.Get up-to-the-minute news, breaking-news alerts, traffic and weather from 660News anywhere you are.Listen to 660News live anytime on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device


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The 660News app lets you:

Listen to a live stream of 660News, 24/7
Read local, national, international, business and entertainment news stories
Get push notification when breaking news occurs
Watch videos from 600News and our partner City.
Instantly listen to the latest traffic report and get traffic news
Get the current temperature and forecast as well as the 5-day forecast from our meteorologists
Instantly listen to the latest business report
Scroll through photo galleries
Submit a news tip to the 660News newsroom
Get the latest sports news and scores from Sportsnet
Listen to audio reports on demand
Share stories via email and Facebook, Twitter
Contact the 660News newsroom

How To Download The App

To install the Rogers Radio app onto your Mobile Device or Tablet visit one of the following:

Download from the App StoreSearch in the App Store for “660news” Compatible with:
iPhone, iPad, and iTouch

Download Here

Download from Google PlaySearch the Google Play Store for “660news” Compatible with:
Android Phones and Tablets

Download Here

QR Code Scan this QR code from your phone to install the 660News App.