This is my first blog. I’ve been told to use it to introduce myself and promote the show I host with Lynda Parcels every Monday to Friday from 5:30 – 9:00 AM. My blog is supposed to talk about behind-the-scenes stuff… you know… things like how Lynda doesn’t like it when I don’t refill the coffee maker… or how David Spence sometimes talks about things other than the weather. I’ve decided to go against the grain. I’m starting things off selfishly and using this space for my own personal gain. Today, I’m announcing my goal to get the term “toquehead” into the Oxford Canadian Dictionary. As I write this it’s -13C with wind chill of -24C. THAT is cold. I feel for anyone who didn’t wear a toque today. I get to work at around 4:00 AM to prep for the show – and today I LOOK like I got here at 4:00 AM. But I don’t care. In fact, today, I’m quite proud and I’m embracing my toquehead. It’s a thick mat of hair raised on the back of my head. It’s nothing major, but my toquehead is defying the laws of gravity. To be honest, my campaign started because I’m a terrible speller. I had to look-up toquehead and it turns out I had to guess at the correct spelling because it isn’t in my dictionary. “Blog” is in there. So is “eh” and “toonie”. Even “beer league” is a legitimate term. Why not “toquehead”? Seriously… we all know what a toquehead is. I know there are a lot of people like me walking around their office after having worn a toque on their way to work. I say stand tall. Hold your disheveled-hair high and join me in my campaign. I have a plan. We’ll get started in my next blog. In the meantime… email images of your favourite toque to