I’m ecstatic… and it’s not just because I treated myself to a latte this morning. I’m glad MORE people are finally speaking out about the route, design, and eventual cost of the West LRT. The new C-Train line will change the face of a large portion of Calgary – but up to now we’ve only heard from a fraction of people affected. Thankfully… the first city hall meeting on the massive project was jammed with people OTHER than the incredibly small (but impressivly vocal) number of residents from Sunalta and Scarboro. Only 4,566 souls live in those two communities (approximately 0.004% of Calgary’s total population) but they’ve been the squeaky wheel getting all of the press. Sunalta and Scarboro people don’t want the LRT tracks elevated within eye-sight of their homes. The revised plan on the table has a much shorter elevated portion of track BUT it means the LRT line will run partly up the middle of Bow Trail from 19th Street to 31st Street SW. Thank goodness the tens of thousands of people who will have to drive through that mess are now speaking out. As are the many, many thousands more who have their own beefs about the design UP the line. Kudos for other people coming forward and stopping the route and design of the $700 million project from being hijacked by an incredibly small minority group. FYI… here’s a link to the West LRT Project on the City of Calgary’s website http://www.calgary.ca/portal/server.pt/gateway/PTARGS_0_0_766_298_0_43/http%3B/content.calgary.ca/CCA/City+Transportation/West+LRT/West+LRT.htm