This week (March 12th – 16th, 2012) on 570 News we’re running a 5-part series focusing on a subject that is near to the hearts of many of you.  Bullying: Enough is Enough takes an in-depth look into the world of bullying and all of its countless ramifications.

In Part One we search for a definition of what bullying means.  Experts from a variety of fields as well as police services and celebrities alike weigh in on what bullying means to them.

The second chapter of the series takes a closer look at the “other” side of the story. Why do bullies bully other people?  What is happening in a bully’s life to make him or her do what they do.  It may be easy to blame them for their actions – but it’s far from that simple.

Part Three focuses on a whole new world of insults and violence.  Cyber-bullying has changed the world and made it much easier for people to be cruel, rude and insulting to basically anyone they wish.  The biggest problem?  Most of it is anonymous.

In the Fourth instalment we look at what is being done right now to get the message out that bullying in all its forms – needs to stop.  While the message is getting out there – much more needs to be done.

The Fifth and final chapter of the series looks at where we are going.  What does the future hold if we continue on the same path?  Is it possible to eradicate bullying from society or is that just a pipe dream?

It’s a subject that touches us all in one way or another and as it stands right now – the status quo is just not good enough.

Here’s a couple of fantastic PSA’s that are helping spread the word that bullying is wrong and something needs to be done. 


Please have a listen on 570 News all week (mornings between 5am and 9am as well as afternoons between 3pm and 7pm) or check it out by following this link to the series page on the 570 News website where you can listen to each part of the series whenever you wish.  The audio of each chapter will be added to the page on the day that it airs.

Have a day…and have a listen.