660News has a station pet.

Actually… we have two pets… two hawks… nesting near our newsroom.

They’re pretty cool to watch… especially when we need a mental break.

We first noticed the hawks because they were breaking large twigs off poplar trees outside our window.

They’ve used the twigs to make a nest about 20-feet above the ground in an evergreen tree.

Their home is close to a large, but relatively quiet parking lot across the street.

Not surprisingly, we don’t have as many prairie dogs running around any more.

Anyway… we know the birds are hawks… but we don’t know what KIND of hawks they are.

I’m waiting to hear back from some experts at The Calgary Zoo.

If you can shed some light… please post a note below.

We’re also looking for name suggestions…

Our Hawk

(don’t forget to look for your secret word and to enter it for points)