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About Us

660 NEWS is Calgary’s only all-news radio station. 660NEWS.com gives you access to local, national and international news, business and sports news, upcoming events in the community and much more!

News Team
Kendra Fowler Reporter/Anchor & Videojournalist for CityNews @KendraFowler11 Kendra.Fowler@rci.rogers.com
Peter Klein Traffic & Fill-in host for Sportsnet 960 The Fan @primetimeklein Peter.Klein@rci.rogers.com
Todd Kaufman Anchor/Traffic Reporter @tl_kaufman Todd.Kaufman@rci.rogers.com
Kayla Bruch Reporter/Anchor/Producer @KaylaBruch1 kayla.bruch@rci.rogers.com
Mike Blanchard Anchor/Reporter Mike.Blanchard@rci.rogers.com
Pete Curtis Afternoon Show Anchor Pete.Curtis@rci.rogers.com
Tom Ross Reporter/Anchor/Sports @Tommy_Slick Tom.Ross@rci.rogers.com
G Ranna Sports/Traffic Gagandeep.Ranna@rci.rogers.com
John Bolton Anchor/Traffic john.bolton@rci.rogers.com
Ian Campbell Reporter @news_ian ianf.campbell@rci.rogers.com
Craig Lester Afternoon Managing Editor & Afternoon/Evening Show Producer @Hills_Hick craig.lester@rci.rogers.com
Albina Khouzina Anchor/Reporter @AlbinaKhouzina Albina.Khouzina@rci.rogers.com
Tanya Blakney Morning Sports Reporter/Traffic @TanyaBee16 Tanya.Blakney@rci.rogers.com
Chris Bowen Midday Producer chris.bowen@rci.rogers.com
Sue Deyell Morning Traffic Reporter @SueDeyell susan.deyell@rci.rogers.com
Crystal Laderas CityNews Videojournalist @CrisLaderas Crystal.Laderas@rci.rogers.com
Kaitlin Lee Senior Morning Reporter @Kaitlin_Lee kaitlin.lee@rci.rogers.com
Devon McKendrick Anchor/Reporter/Sports/Traffic @the_dmckendrick Devon.McKendrick@rci.rogers.com
Christie McLeod Anchor/Reporter @christiemcleod_ Christie.McLeod@rci.rogers.com
Jonathan Muma CityNews Videojournalist @jonmuma jonathan.muma@rci.rogers.com
Kass Patterson Reporter @kassonair kass.patterson@rci.rogers.com
Sandra Prusina Sports/Web Editor/Anchor @sprusina Sandra.Prusina@rci.rogers.com
Doug Reynolds Morning Show Anchor Doug.Reynolds@rci.rogers.com
Trace St. John Afternoon Traffic Reporter Tracy.Garbutt@rci.rogers.com
Mark Strashok Afternoon Anchor mark.strashok@rci.rogers.com
Mike Tarasko Morning Managing Editor & Morning Show Producer @mtarasko Mike.Tarasko@rci.rogers.com
Kevin Usselman News Director kevin.usselman@rci.rogers.com
Audrey Whelan Morning News Anchor @AudreyWhelan audrey.whelan@rci.rogers.com
Cindy White Weekend Managing Editor & Anchor/Producer @CindygWhite Cindy.White@rci.rogers.com