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660News is Calgary’s only all-news radio station. 660news.com gives you access to local, national and international news, business and sports news, upcoming events in the community and much more!

News Team
Lucas Meyer News Reporter
Mike Tarasko News Reporter
Sandra Prusina News Reporter
Tanya Blakney News Reporter
Kaitlin Lee News Reporter
Jonathan Muma Senior Morning Show Reporter
Sue Deyell Morning Traffic Reporter @SueDeyell susan.deyell@rci.rogers.com
Doug Reynolds News Reporter
Kevin Usselman News Director kevin.usselman@rci.rogers.com
Trace St. John Afternoon Traffic Reporter
Mark Strashok Afternoon Anchor mark.strashok@rci.rogers.com
Audrey Whelan Morning News Anchor
Chris Bowen News Reporter chris.bowen@rci.rogers.com