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Calgary man sentenced for human smuggling

(Sandra Prusina - 660 NEWS)

A 63-year-old Calgary man has been sentenced to two years for his role in a human smuggling case.

Mohammed Rafiq was arrested after bringing two Pakistani women into the country via the Toronto Pearson Airport and Calgary International Airport on a forged passport.

Rafiq pled guilty to three offences.

Crown Attorney Dawn Poskocil and her team had been seeking a two and a half to three-year prison sentence and say they’re pleased with today’s outcome.

“That is a very serious offence and it signals to others in the community that might be engaged in people smuggling that there will be consequences — jail, potentially — affecting your liberty if you engage in conduct.”

Judge Joshua Hawkes says there were several mitigating and aggravating factors in reaching his decision – one being Rafiq was a successful refugee applicant back in 1993.

The women involved in the case have since been allowed to stay in Canada as successful refugee applicants.

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