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Law Society of Alberta wants to hear about Calgarians' legal struggles

The Law Society of Alberta is turning to the public to better understand the barriers people face in accessing when getting legal help.

Executive Director Don Thompson said they are in the midst of touring the province holding informal sessions, including Thursday’s session at the Kahanoff Centre in Calgary.

“They’re meetings where people can come and tell their stories. They’re not presentations, they are drop-in and there are people to talk to who will be very interested to have conversations with Albertans about their experiences in finding legal help or not finding legal help if the case may be,” he said.

Thompson said among the bigger concerns is affording fees and understanding the cost of accessing legal help.

The Law Society is also accepting submissions via its website.

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Its not only Albertans but all canadians are suffering from the hands of Lawyers and justice system. Getting some justice, most of the people need a lawyer, but hiring a lawyer is not like accessing a doctor, engineer or accountant. To pay fee for a lawyer is like getting all your assets liquidated and still lawyer need more money. I personally don’t understand why lawyers charge this much? Law degree is just like any other professional degree, they are just subject specialist like a teacher having Masters of Science. I wonder why law societies didn’t consider before looking into; how the access to law can be made accessible. Why there was no work on shortening and quick resolution of court cases, but I doubt that dragging a case also brings more money for a lawyer. I can guess currently websites from ordinary people are popping up which offer either free of charge or a minimal charge to help ordinary people with minor legal issues, and law society wake up with this new reality. The law society’s initiative is long over due and everyone should appreciate even if it is too late trying to help Albertans and looking for suggestions.

November 09, 2017 at 2:46 pm