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Calgary Chamber wants a city that "works"

The downtown skyline is visible next to a soccer field in Calgary. (Photo by Chelsey Harms/660 News)

The Calgary Chamber has launched a new web platform with recommendations on how to get Calgary back to work ahead of the 2017 municipal election.

The website,, which was the brain-child of small business owners, top executives, academics and leaders in the community contains three recommendations.

President and CEO Adam Legge said it starts with municipal government implementing new ideas.

“Our belief is that our city needs to be a city that works for business, for people, and in order to be more of a city that works, we need to be more efficient, we need to be more equitable, and we need to be more entrepreneurial, and there are recommendations associated with each one of those pillars,” he said.

Legge said businesses are being smothered by a tax and regulatory system that is broken, unpredictable and it costs jobs for Calgarians.