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Bold creations on display for Beakerhead


A creative and eye-catching festival returns to Calgary Wednesday.

Tons of workshops and installations will come alive in the next few days around the city for Beakerhead.

Co-Founder Jay Ingram told City’s Breakfast Television there are 14 big projects, displayed from 4 Street S.W. near Elbow Drive, up to Kensington and Fort Calgary.

“The overall theme this year is ‘Snakes and Ladders’; the kind of ups and downs of history in this area, going back more than 150 years,” he explained.

Marta Gorski is working on a team with eight other artists, scientists, and engineers for a project on the Bow River.

“We have taken some electromagnetic sensors from the old planetarium, and then re-purposed them into an audio-visual installation,” she said.

Some other highlights include the world’s biggest propane flame-throwing sculpture and a seminar on the Science of Cats and Dogs at Mount Royal University.

For a complete list of displays and events click here.