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Tips from AMA on navigating construction on your long weekend road trip

(Stock Photo: Pexels.com)

The long weekend is finally here and that means a lot of people are heading out on a road trip.

Rick Lang with the Alberta Motor Association says don’t forget to check the conditions.

“(There’s) a lot of construction on the roads starting in the spring — make sure that you get to your destination without too many delays, so, check the road before you go,” he said.

Lang adds, make sure your vehicle is in good working order before hitting the highway.

Do you know how to do the zipper merge?

“Keep going in the two or three lanes of traffic right until you get to where the lane is blocked off and then alternate — one person goes in from one lane, one goes in from another lane,” he said.

“It can actually speed up the flow of traffic if you do that, rather than everybody getting in that free lane way, way back.”

If you log onto AMA’s website, you’ll find construction alerts from around the province.

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