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Calgary's green cart composting program to start in June

(Kaitlin Lee - 660 NEWS)

Now that we’re beginning to see signs of spring, the City of Calgary is providing an update about the upcoming green cart program.

The rollout will begin in the southwest in June, the northwest in July, the northeast in August and the southeast in September. It will take about 17 weeks to complete delivery across the city, with approximately 20,000 carts delivered each week.

Green cart collection will begin about a month later.

All food, yard waste, and pet waste can go in and all material will be turned into nutrient-rich compost.

Along with the carts, you will receive a kitchen pail, yard waste bags, and an instruction guide and collection schedule.

When service begins, blue and green carts will be collected every week, while black carts will be collected once every two weeks since you can cut your garbage in half by using your green cart.

Council has waived the green cart fee for 2017. However, starting in January 2018, residents will pay a monthly fee.