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It's organ donor awareness week --- are you registered?


Organ donation rates are low in Canada, and the David Foster Foundation is calling on people to register.

The foundation helps parents pay the bills while their child waits for a transplant.

CEO Michael Ravenhill says if you do register, you need to tell your family.

“If you don’t your wishes may not be carried out when that time comes. It’s ever so important to one, become a registered organ donor because one day you could save somebody’s life or improve the life of multiple people, but you also need to make sure you tell your family of your wishes so your life legacy can be followed through,” said Ravehill.

Less than 20 per cent of Canadians are registered as donors, and Ravenhill thinks a big reason is a lot of myths surrounding it.

You can find more info, and register as a donor in our province, at