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'Math is challenging:' Calgary mayor and MP get into Twitter spat over taxes

Last Updated Jan 11, 2017 at 4:42 pm MDT

A Twitter fight between Mayor Naheed Nenshi and Calgary Nose Hill MP Michelle Rempel has turned downright ugly.

It all started Sunday when Rempel went after the municipal government over property tax increases that will hit suburban businesses particularly hard.

That became a bur in Nenshi’s saddle and things escalated from there.

Nenshi originally took to Twitter to defend the city’s spending and the yet-to-be-explained plan to bail out those particularly hard hit businesses with a $15-million fund.

But he upped the ante Tuesday speaking to reporters.

“Oh, there’s not national interest,” he began. “There’s a local MP who’s trying to make hay out of something she doesn’t understand. I’m happy to have her wade in. I’m happy to have her help, if she wants to help, but it’s sort of helpful if she actually knows what she’s talking about first. She just didn’t understand what was going on. Apparently math is challenging, but hopefully she’ll figure that out.”

Rempel, who has an economics degree, fired back saying Nenshi was ‘mansplaining’, a term used to describe sexism when a man talks down to a woman.

For his part, Nenshi apologized, explaining he would have said the same thing to a man and a search of his Twitter history suggests he has used that phrase with men in the past.

But Rempel shot back:

Nenshi responded:

The final shots from both politicians Tuesday night had to do with ego and that’s where things stood early Wednesday morning.

On Wednesday, Nenshi released an official statement, reading:

“The mayor apologized immediately once he heard how the comment was being interpreted. It’s disappointing to see Ms. Rempel has not accepted the apology and continues to spread misinformation.”