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Calgary Police Association President asks off-duty CPS members to attend news conference

The President of the Calgary Police Association, Les Kaminski, is asking for plain clothes, off-duty officers to attend a news conference on Wednesday to help send a powerful message.

Several media reports say an email sent by Kaminski to thousands of officers is all in an effort to show a sign of unity.

On Tuesday, ahead of the conference, the Calgary Police Commission, Police Chief Roger Chaffin and several executives of the CPS and the CPA met to go over an agenda scheduled last month.

After the meeting, Brian Thiessen, The Chair of the CPC, told 660NEWS he doesn’t know why the news conference is being held.

“I guess I’m a little lost on what tomorrow (Wednesday) is about, we are still not clear on why they are having a press conference,” said Thiessen.

He adds he hopes no problems arise from the news conference.

“I hope there is no issues that we didn’t have the opportunity to talk about today (Tuesday), that would be disappointing, but if there is I will pick up the phone and see what we can do.”

Thiessen also feels there is no need for a large membership presence because he says he respects the CPA and what they do.