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Chilly spring hard on city food trucks

The sound of Calgary’s food trucks may be the only sign of spring you can find this weekend.

YYC food trucks are awakening from their winter slumber with a kick-off event in the East Village Friday until 7p.m.

However, the springtime chill has been hard on our city’s roaming restaurants.

Aman Adatia owns the popular NAACO truck, and he echoes the sentiments of fellow operators here, who say our lack of spring has hurt the bottom line.

“It’s really difficult, you know, when the weather is kind of bad. We live in a city where as soon as it gets a cold front, everybody kind of packs up to go inside,” he said.

The vast majority of these trucks do shut down for the winter months for that reason, but Adatia says despite the snowy dump to come this weekend, it is time to hit the road.

“We’re quite fortunate in that sense, we don’t have to brave the cold in the winter months, but April has come and gone, basically now. So, we have to get on the roads,” he said.

To find your favourite truck or discover a new one, check out the YYC Food Truck website, or download their street food app.

In the meantime, maybe pack a parka.