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Spin4Kids raises thousands of dollars to help kids get active

Getting kids off the couch and into their running shoes.

That’s the goal of Canada’s largest spin-a-thon: Spin4Kids in support of GoodLife Kids Foundation.

About 150 cyclists headed over to Eau Clair Market Saturday afternoon to each bike for an hour straight.

In order to ride, a team of 8 has to raise $1,000 – or $125 each.

After Saturday, they were $100,000 away from their $500,000 goal.

Spin 1

Stephanie Law, the event coordinator for Calgary Spin4Kids, explains where that money goes.

“We raise money with the Spin4Kids and we outreach to organizations such as, in Calgary, Enstep. Enstep goes into the schools and teaches educators and students about healthier eating, more physical activity and today they actually received an $8,000 grant from us from the Goodlife Kids Foundation through Spin4Kids’ Win4Kids,” says Law.

If you’d like to donate, you can head to Spin4kids.com.