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Calgary man to donate massive lottery jackpot to charity

The spirit of giving in Calgary knows no bounds.

A man with a very big heart is passing on his good luck after a massive Lotto-Max win.

Calgarian Tom Crist is donating his 40 million dollar win and putting it into his family’s foundation, which he and his kids will use to support charities in need.

“Cancer is a big one because my wife passed away from cancer, two years ago in February,” said Crist.

“I just retired at the end of September so I was fortunate enough in my career to set myself up and my kids anyway, and there was no doubt in my mind where that money was going to go, it was going to go to charity,” said Crist.

Crist the won the jackpot off a lotto-max draw back in May… and didn’t tell anybody about the win until today.

The $40-million set a record for a lottery jackpot win in this city is also the largest amount won on a lottery subscription in this part of the country.