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Distracted driving the problem, not icy roads: Chief

Calgary Police Chief Rick Hanson is challenging Calgarians to park their smartphones and concentrate on the job at hand while behind the wheel.

Hanson tells 660News, even though there have been 1500 crashes on city streets in just over a week, Calgarians are not necessarily bad drivers.

He says there are two things that need to happen to reduce the carnage; people need to slow it down and drive for the road conditions, and they need to put away the cell phone.

The chief says the crash count would tumble significantly if people parked their smartphone, which is another reason he continues to call for the addition of demerit points to the $172 distracted driving fine, suggesting the possibility of losing your licence would be a better deterrent than just parting with a little cash.

Hanson says more and more studies are coming out, which show distracted driving is just as if not more dangerous than impaired driving.

A check of 2012 Alberta collision statistics show last year there were almost 137 thousand crashes in the province, injuring more than 18,000 people with 345 deaths.

The stats also show 88 per cent of total collisions involved at least one driver who committed a driving error, Friday is the most dangerous day on the road and your chances of being involved in a wreck are greater on the drive home than the drive into work.