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Government shut down in States not possible in Canada

While the US government is paralysed in decision making capacity, our government has no such problems.

If a Canadian government can’t pass a budget it requires a vote of confidence, and a majority of the time, that means there’s an election in the offing.

Mount Royal Political Scientist David Taras tells 660News when a party wins an election in Canada it controls the agenda, but that’s not the way it is in the States, especially for president Obama.

“On immigration, on gun control, even on his ability to go to war, even now to get a budget ceiling, he’s just immobilized,” says Taras. “The system is just broken and doesn’t seem to be working.”

The last federal government to fall on a budget bill in Canada was Joe Clark’s Progressive Conservatives in 1979.

He lost the subsequent election against Pierre Trudeau in 1980.