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Man buys coffee for 500 Tim Hortons customers

A pay-it-forward gesture is lifting the spirits of Calgarians at a Tim Hortons in Crowfoot.

Around 11 a.m. a customer came in and purchased cups of coffee for the next 500 customers totaling up to around $900.

The gesture comes just two days after a similar action at an Edmonton Tim Hortons.

According to the store manager in Crowfoot, the man who paid it forward is remaining anonymous.

She said the man told them Calgary has been through a lot and after hearing what happened in Edmonton he wanted to give back in the same way.

She said she is blown away by the gesture.

“It’s amazing. We do see random acts of kindness around but it’s usually just a couple of coffees or small orders, but to be this large it’s a great feeling and to lift the spirits of Calgary it’s been great,” she said.

The staff are having fun telling people there is no charge for their cup of joe.