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Dogs euthanized and owners charged

The owners of two Tibetan Mastiffs have to pay thousands in fines after the large dogs got loose near a north east school.

On April 9th, the dogs were seen roaming around in Martindale and Falconridge.

In order to get control of the K-9’s, police and bylaw officers were forced to use a taser and an officer was bit in the leg.

“Public safety is our top priority and aggressive behaviour from dogs won’t be tolerated,” said Alvin Murray, Operations Manager with Animal & Bylaw Services. “Owners will be held accountable as evidenced in this instance.”

After a comprehensive behavioural assessment, it was determined the pooches were a threat to the public and were put down.

“The behavioural assessment made it clear these dogs could not be allowed out in the public again. Euthanasia is always a last resort and we take that decision very seriously.” said Murray. “It is the ultimate consequence for not properly caring for and training your dog.”

The owners have to pay $3,250 in fines.