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Hit and run in N.W. inspires safety campaign

Police are still looking for a second car in the Feb. 20 hit and run death of a 56-year-old woman in the northwest.

Wong Suk Yee died after being hit by two vehicles while walking across the street in the community of Sandstone last Wednesday morning.

Neither of the vehicles stopped after hitting her; one of the drivers later turned himself in.

In response to the tragedy, family members, people who live in the area and police are holding a safety awareness campaign Wednesday morning.

They want to educate the public, including pedestrians who use the crosswalk where Wong was hit, and are hoping to get drivers to pay more attention and slow down.

In a prepared statement, the victim’s family, who called her ‘Rachel,’ describe her as a devoted mother and aunt.

“I would like to thank all Calgarians for their thoughts, prayers, and support during this difficult time. As you know, Rachel was killed in a terrible hit and run collision here last week. We’d like to let you know that she was a devoted mother, a loving sister, and a special aunt to her nieces and nephews. Rachel immigrated to Calgary in 2010, after working as a nurse in Hong Kong for a number of years. Since that time, she has provided care and assistance to numerous seniors. In her spare time, she enjoyed reading and knitting,” her niece says.

Flowers and stuffed animals mark the spot in the crosswalk where Wong was struck.

It’s believed she was hit first by a red Ford Taurus, and then projected or dragged another 15 metres by another vehicle.

An electronic sign not far from the scene reads “Fatal Accident: Witness Required, Call Police.”

One of the neighbours who found Wong told 660News last week she was shocked that no-one stopped, and adds this message of safety is long overdue.