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Alberta Sheriff shot inside northern Alberta courthouse

A scene of chaos in Whitecourt on Tuesday, where an Alberta Sheriff was shot inside a courthouse, during a scuffle in the back room.

Two prisoners arrested in a drug bust last week, made a break for it and got away in a sheriff’s van before finally being chased down.

Newcap reporter Kathlene Campbell-Conlon was inside the courtroom before noon.

She says she heard three or four gunshots coming from behind a closed door, and debris started flying off the walls, some hitting her in the leg.

She tells 660News everyone began rushing out of the courthouse, it was then through a side door she could see the back parking lot.

“In there was the sheriff’s van, and people out there were saying “There’s a prisoner in there, there’s a prisoner in there!”, and then I saw another prisoner just open the passenger door and then get in the van, and then the van backed up out and just drove away.” She says.

RCMP confirm the officer who was shot suffered a non-life threatening wound to the hand.