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Former Stampeder guilty

Former Calgary Stampeder Joffrey Reynolds has been found guilty of attacking his former girlfriend.

The Stampeders’ all-time rushing leader has been convicted of assault causing bodily harm, common assault and unlawfully being in a dwelling.

`”I do not believe the testimony of the accused,” Judge Brian Stevenson said Monday in convicting Joffrey Reynolds. “I am not left with any reasonable doubt.”

The woman he had dated for six years, Kaitlin Ward, testified at Reynold’s trial that he tried to choke and smother her when she came home and found him in her bed.

Ward ended the relationship when she learned Reynolds had been  cheating on her.

She testified she had allowed him to stay at her place for a few days when his home went into foreclosure but at a party, she told him to get out.

Reynolds countered, saying Ward had attacked him in a jealous rage and he was defending himself from being further attacked.

He is back in court April 8th for sentencing arguments.