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Canadians wear pink to combat bullying

It may have been made famous by the movie “Mean Girls”, but Calgarians are snatching up pink clothing this week for a different cause.

Next Wednesday, people from across the country will be donning pink as a public awareness campaign to end bullying.

The movement began as a high school protest by two Nova Scotia students who wore pink, in sympathy of a grade nine student who was being tormented.

Carolyn Luhning with the Boys and Girls Club of Calgary credits things like social media in allowing kids these days to take a stand.

“That message can be impactful, it can be created quickly and that whole piece of social media really makes it an opportunity for kids to share that message and for our community to come together,” she tells 660News.

“I really think the message is strong and that kids are really stepping up for themselves with the tools they have been given,” says Luhning. “And they’re also defending each other.”

Proceeds from pink shirts bought at Western Canada London Drugs will go to anti-bullying programs at Boys and Girls Clubs.

Find more information on Pink Shirt Day here.