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Joffrey Reynolds back in court

A verdict in the Joffrey Reynolds assault trial is expected early next week.

The 33-year-old former Calgary Stampeder running back stands charged with assault and break and enter in an alleged attack on his ex-girlfriend in July of last year.

The Crown contends Reynolds broke into his ex’s condo and assaulted her when she arrived home later that July night.

Defence lawyer Randy Collins argues Reynolds let himself in to the residence to sleep off a night of partying and that he believed he had the complainant’s permission to do so.

Collins told the judge the Crown has failed to prove otherwise beyond reasonable doubt, nor, she says, has the Crown proven that Reynolds wasn’t acting in self-defense as he himself testified earlier in the trial.

Reynolds maintains his ex flew into a jealous rage and that he was mere defending himself.

The complainant denies that.

She describes being choked, straddled, smothered and thrown to the floor and maintains she only tried to calm Reynolds down.

The judge says he’ll need a few days to go over the testimony and lawyers arguments before handing down his verdict.