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New report to examine spending and deficits by Alberta Government

 A critical look at Alberta’s spending will be released in a new report Tuesday morning.

The Fraser Institute says their study examines the provincial government’s increased program spending since 2005 and subsequent deficits.

The report is called “Alberta’s $22 billion Lost Opportunity.”

The Institute says it will calculate the economic cost of Alberta’s inability to hold government spending to the rate of inflation plus population growth.

It’s the same day Alberta is set to announce third quarter numbers. The Premier has already noted the province has lost around $6-Billion in revenue from a change in oil prices.

Wildrose MLA Rob Anderson expects the Conservatives to make cuts to infrastructure promised during the last election and run a deficit.

“They promised they would do all the promises they were talking about without going into debt and without running a deficit, so they’re breaking their promise either way,” he said.

660News will share the findings after the report is released at 6:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning.