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Keystone XL will get approved regardless of opposition rallies: energy analyst

A Calgary-based energy analyst thinks rallies opposing Keystone XL won’t stop the project from getting the White House’s green light.

Peter Linder with Emerging Equities says there are far too many benefits for President Obama to ignore.

“It going to create 20,000 permanent jobs at a time where the U.S. badly needs jobs,” points out Linder. “It’s going to create a lot of growth for various states’ economies and revenues for various states, as well as the federal government.”

Linder points out the U.S. already gets oil sand products from two other existing pipelines, so the idea isn’t a new one for American government officials.

He also says those who oppose Keystone are in the minority, as recent polls show upwards of 70-per cent of Americans support the project.

Linder believes there’s an 80-per cent chance the pipeline gets approved by the end of June.